What is the largest land casino in the UK?

The United Kingdom is the home of many casinos across the realm. These casinos vary of course by location but also according to size and gaming offerings. One of the largest land based casinos within the United Kingdom is the Circus Casino at Star City which opened its doors in November of 2003.

Located in the Midland English city of Birmingham, Star City is only a short ten minutes from the centre of the city. The Circus Casino at Star City is one of the largest within the United Kingdom with a site measuring over 70,000 square feet. Their offerings include gaming tables, slot machines and other automated games. Some games found here include blackjack, three card poker, electronic roulette, big six and American roulette. The Circus Casino at Star City provides some of the best poker playing in the area. Tables can be found with minimum stakes of £2 and maximum stakes of £50. Here you can find three card poker games. These games feature two modes of play. Table poker is played here every day of the week and specials often are featured. Private poker tables are available as well. With such a large facility it is no wonder that Star City is a large employer for the area with approximately 220 employees.

Not only is Star City known for its top of the line casino, Circus Casino, but the resort is also known as a leisure site for the entire family. The facility is centered around a central atrium which provides a breathtaking view for visitors. The facility offers a variety of entertainment options as well as gambling. Star City boasts one of Europe’s largest cinemas as well as the largest indoor golf site within England. A ten pin bowling alley is also part of Star City with a total of 22 lands. A football center, climbing centre and an open gym can also be found here. Star City has even added other features making it worthy of a comparison to a Vegas casino. With fireworks displays and high profiles events, Star City is more than a casino.